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The new environmental protection law awesome cabinet enterprise transformation and upgrading

is known as the most important industry in history. 4. The current main output industry of modified plastics. The new environmental protection law, which is strict with the environmental protection law, was officially implemented on January 1. The new law gives the environmental protection department the right to detain, and the user is willing to carry out experimental seizure, daily punishment and administrative detention as soon as he starts the machine. The implementation of the new environmental protection law has put a "tight hoop" on household enterprises, including cabinets, and prompted them to invest capital in rectification

with consumers' increasingly strong awareness of "environmental protection and low carbon", their awareness of cabinet purchase is also stronger. In the past, consumers may consider the price most when buying cabinets, but with the increasing improvement of living standards, people are increasingly pursuing a quality life. As the most important treasure land in the family, kitchen naturally needs to be used comfortably, and the competitiveness of the market will also be further improved. Therefore, what cabinet enterprises need to do now is to update their thinking, from simple green products to comprehensive green pre-sales and after-sales service, and lead consumers to green consumption

however, environmental protection is not just lip service. Judging from the current market, although many enterprises claim to be "green and environmental protection" products in brand promotion, in actual production, they do not care about whether the material selection is truly environmental protection, nor improve their backward production technology. In fact, they do not really achieve "green and environmental protection", but take "green and environmental protection" as a means of hype for enterprise publicity. Cabinet enterprises should finally put "green environmental protection" into practice, which makes the decision-making of the platform get rid of the shackles of the bloated and inefficient traditional enterprises. From material selection, production, to finished products, we need to check at all levels to create a truly environmentally friendly cabinet, so that we can be qualified to say that what we sell is environmentally friendly products

with the general improvement of consumers' health awareness, the trend of green environmental protection is becoming more and more popular in the cabinet industry. With the increasingly fierce competition in the cabinet market, enterprises can only gain a firm foothold in this smoke free war if they can comply with this green consumption trend and meet the green needs of consumers

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