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The new environmental protection plastic NGP biological base performance upgrades again

due to the shortcomings and deficiencies of traditional plastics and biodegradable plastics such as biological starch, the birth of new environmental protection plastics has made up for this deficiency. In addition, it is cheap and practical. It can be added to various plastic products to produce green environmental protection plastic products, which have excellent dispersibility, certain tensile and ductility

at the press conference of key scientific and technological achievements of the high tech Fair yesterday, the new environmental protection material 100% natural decomposition environmental protection plastic material jointly launched by China international high tech achievement transformation group and Shenzhen Shiyin Hongzheng holding company announced that it would completely replace the plastic products that currently produce white pollution

Shenzhen, who is responsible for developing this new technology, has drawn a happy end to this competition. Shenzhen enterprises said that they plan to use the characteristics of methane produced by the decomposition of this product to build a green energy plant that converts waste environmental friendly plastics into bioenergy

according to statistics, the progress of plastic granulator technology in China in 2011 is closely related to the development of the whole national economy. The demand for packaging materials has exceeded 10million tons, and the plastic waste that is difficult to recycle has reached more than 6.5 million tons, which is almost an astronomical word. In the long run, the harm of white pollution to our environment is unimaginable, and the construction of ecological civilization will be nominal

at present, there are mainly two ways to realize plastic degradation: paper instead of plastic and degradable plastic, but the degradation effect is not obvious. According to reports, Xinsu genie ngp100% natural decomposition environmental protection plastic material released at the high tech fair is a new 100% degradable environmental protection plastic based on NGP bio base

it can burn 100% without toxic gas and residual problems. When burying and decomposing, it can not only be used as fertilizer for crop growth, but also use more than 40% of the methane generated during centralized burying and decomposing to generate new ones. 4. The demand of rubber materials for experimental machines: bioenergy, short decomposition cycle, and no environmental pollution

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