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A large number of composite materials are used in the body manufacturing of the new "environmental protection concept car"

09 Reno megana trophy environmental protection concept car

on October 27, in view of the contribution of fourmotors Co., Ltd. in natural fiber reinforced plastics, the company's "environmental protection concept car" project was awarded the "2009 composite Pioneer Award"

the body of this "environmental protection concept car" is almost entirely made of biological composite materials: the doors, fenders, engine covers, bumpers, tail wings and trunk covers are all made of natural fiber reinforced plastic

in 2006, the racing team from four motors in roetlingen, Germany, used plant fibers for the first time in the manufacture of racing car bodies. The design concept of the first generation of "environmental protection concept car" came from the "Mustang" model. In 2009, this concept was further developed by Renault's megana trophy racing car. Through cooperation with specialized agencies such as the renewable resources professional association and the German Aerospace Center (DLR), many parts of this car have avoided the waste of cost caused by blind startup, and glass fiber parts have been gradually replaced by natural fiber parts. The project team mixing natural fiber and liquid bioplastics raw materials (polymer of epoxidized linseed oil and acrylic acid) predicts that its partners will use compression molding, injection molding, machining and 3D printing to produce plastic parts. After being combined, the produced parts can withstand various strength tests during the driving of the car

both the first and second generation composite racing cars will participate in the "beluga Long Distance Championship" and the "24-hour long distance endurance race at the Nurburgring circuit"

in addition to the advantages of natural fiber composites in strong adaptability to the environment, it has three control modes: stress control, strain control and displacement control. It is also lighter than glass fiber reinforced plastic in weight, and its quality is more stable. Even in the process of car accidents, it will not break

two generations of "environment-friendly concept cars" - Yeh, who has been deeply involved in the Chinese market for many years, and Reno megana trophy - were jointly exhibited at the European composite exhibition from October 27 to 29

the awarding ceremony of "composite Pioneer Award" will be held on the day of the opening ceremony of the exhibition. The award was jointly presented to Mr. Thomas von lwis, general manager of the team, by the Organizing Committee of the European composite exhibition and reinforced plastics, a well-known international composite magazine

this is the second award of the composite Pioneer Award. The first time was in 2007, when the winners were designers Professor Richard Eppler and Mr. Rudolf Lindner (50 years ago, he was the manufacturer of the world's first fiber reinforced plastic aircraft)

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