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The new electricity price subsidy policy helps the photovoltaic industry "turn from loss to profit"

recently, we have been committed to actively promoting the negotiation process of the "South China Sea code of action" with ASEAN countries within the framework of the full and effective implementation of the Declaration on the actions of all parties in the South China Sea. An interview with a number of photovoltaic enterprises found that the new photovoltaic power generation price subsidy policy issued by the national development and Reform Commission has contributed to the rapid increase of domestic photovoltaic installed capacity, Reasonable subsidies are helping all links of the photovoltaic industry chain "turn from loss to profit"

On August 30, the national development and Reform Commission issued a new price policy for photovoltaic power generation projects, stipulating the benchmark price of parallel photovoltaic power stations and the price of distributed photovoltaic power generation. Since the implementation of the new electricity price subsidy policy, Jiangsu, as a leading province in China's photovoltaic industry, has significantly improved the operating conditions of many enterprises in the industry

several photovoltaic leading enterprises in Jiangsu Province, such as Changzhou Trinasolar, Suzhou atlas and Jiangsu Zhongneng, reported that the distributed photovoltaic power generation project implemented the policy of subsidy according to the power generation capacity, which solved the disadvantages of the golden sun project's subsidy for the cost of power stations before, "high-quality photovoltaic modules with high power generation efficiency and long service life reflect competitive advantages". And the electricity price of 0.42 yuan kwh will be a big move in March. Nbsp; Are Chinese packaging material export enterprises ready? The subsidy standard is 20% higher than the 0.35 yuan kwh in the draft in March, leaving a profit margin for the entire photovoltaic industry chain. These changes have reversed the popularity of "low-quality and low-cost products" in the domestic market and are conducive to the benign development of the photovoltaic industry

chenshouzhong, the operation director of Changzhou Trinasolar, introduced that whether it is to check the benchmark price of oil leakage photovoltaic power station at the oil source in time, or the price of distributed photovoltaic power generation, the determination of these two subsidy prices has created conditions for enterprises to pre calculate the investment income of photovoltaic power stations, which is conducive to mastering the initiative of power station construction. "Before the implementation of the electricity price subsidy policy, the company has built a number of distributed power generation projects, some of which have been merged, but dare not implement too much. With a clear electricity price subsidy standard, the company is reassured and is increasing its investment in distributed power generation projects." LV quanya, general manager of Changzhou Jiaxun optoelectronics company, said

it is understood that after the implementation of the photovoltaic electricity price subsidy policy, the construction of photovoltaic power stations has led to the pick-up of orders on hand by photovoltaic enterprises. Xiedebing, chief financial officer of Zhengxin photovoltaic Electronics Co., Ltd., said that since June, the company has increased its efforts to explore the domestic market. Benefiting from the expectation of photovoltaic electricity price subsidy policy, the orders of photovoltaic modules received from July to August have increased significantly, doubled year-on-year, reaching 350million yuan. These new orders mainly come from the market demand created by the construction of domestic photovoltaic power stations

in the interview, Changzhou Trinasolar, CLP photovoltaic and other companies said that the profitability of the entire photovoltaic industry was improving, and the third quarter was the critical point for the industry to "turn from loss to profit". Zhonghua glass () Department

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