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The new edition of people and automation has been launched by pirci.

comes from practice, and using it for practice is the motto of people and automation, pirci's customer magazine. Gather relevant information about safety automation technology, aiming to deliver more value to customers

Computer parts manufacturing

this customer magazine mainly reports on industry trends. Experts are invited to express their views and introduce innovative solutions. The magazine "human and automation" has several issues every year, and the circulation of German and English is about 25000

the first issue of "human introduction and automation phase I production capacity of 200000 tons" in 2020 has been released

first safety, then safety protection. Anyone who wants to implement the concept of effective security needs to consider the requirements of mechanical security and industrial information security. In this issue of people and automation, pirci will not only introduce the differences in dealing with these problems, but also introduce how to implement the intelligent overall safety concept

an overview of other topics is:

in an interview, Harald Wessels, director of product management of pirci, outlined the trend and progress in the field of automation.

heating technology expert Vaillant, with the help of psenopt II light curtain, implemented an unusual security solution for holiday travel to "avoid crowding". You can check the subway Weibo.

fault tolerant devices and systems provide new possibilities for functional safety.

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