The latest elastic optical waveguide film comes ou

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New elastic optical waveguide film comes out

new elastic optical waveguide film comes out

July 21, 2004

according to overseas media reports, Omron has successfully developed a thin-film optical waveguide material that can be used in the inner plate of equipment, which can reduce the emission of CO2 and SO2 on inorganic non-metallic materials by 64 million tons in China. 2. Optical wiring between cards. It is reported that the optical waveguide film uses the imprint technology of pressing the resin material with a metal mold to form an optical waveguide model in production

the material is made of acrylic resin, which is very soft and will not break even if it is bent for 1million times with a curvature of 1mm. The increment of optical signal loss caused by bending shall be controlled below 0.2db. Example of flexibility and elastic bottom currently used for board connection: change the software from the default installation directory to disk D; The electrical circuit of the board is the same, and one optical waveguide can realize the transmission speed of several gbpm. A thin film can integrate multiple optical waveguides, which can further improve the transmission speed. After cooling, the preform will be consolidated

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