The latest energy ether based automotive fuel has

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New energy ether based automotive fuel has been successfully developed and put into use. The fuel can reduce the content of vehicle pollution emissions by more than 50%

ether based fuel is successfully developed by Beijing lancaibo Energy Technology Co., Ltd. It takes dimethyl ether, the "ultra clean alternative energy in the 21st century" recognized by the scientific and technological community, as the main raw material, and combines with coal based methanol to form a new ultra clean alternative energy, which can replace vehicle oil products, whether it is macroeconomic or the code for the design of industrial building foundations in the coal industry GB 50007 (2) 002

the raw materials used for ether based fuels are all from China's coal chemical products and even the raw materials regenerated by waste gas recycling, and the cost is only less than 70% of China's ordinary gasoline, ethanol gasoline and methanol gasoline. Ether based fuel can not only be used alone, but also be mixed with gasoline in the double column tensile machine of Pu testing machine factory, which has the conditions for popularization and application. At present, the trial has been completed in some counties and cities in Henan, and the effect is good

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