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New environmental protection standards or promote titanium dioxide enterprises to move to the high-end market

China is undoubtedly a major producer of titanium dioxide (titanium dioxide). There are more than 80 titanium dioxide manufacturers in the world, and nearly 90% of them are distributed in China, However, more than 70 domestic titanium dioxide enterprises "Warlords" led to the chaos of low-end products pressing each other's prices, reducing costs and coveting high-end rutile titanium dioxide or a way out.

"titanium dioxide industry, like other industries, can win by controlling costs" , said Yang Xun, titanium dioxide analyst at business club

at present, more than 95% of titanium dioxide is produced by sulfuric acid process in China. However, titanium concentrate and sulfuric acid are the main raw materials for the production of titanium dioxide by sulfuric acid process, accounting for about 50% of the production cost of titanium dioxide in total

Yang Xun believes that the price of titanium concentrate is more than twice that of sulfuric acid. The importance of titanium concentrate is self-evident, and the raw materials of titanium concentrate are directly related to the quality of titanium dioxide

in terms of price, the production of 1 ton of titanium dioxide requires 2.5 tons of titanium concentrate and 4.25 tons of sulfuric acid. At present, Panzhihua 46 grade titanium concentrate 1020 yuan/ton -1080 data can be saved in any hard disk partition yuan/ton, sulfuric acid, sulfuric acid tax price of 300 yuan/ton

475 degrees above is easy to cause discoloration or bubbles. With the price of titanium dioxide going down, titanium concentrate has been spied on by relevant companies for a long time. Establishing a stable raw material procurement channel, ensuring the supply of raw materials and reducing the price fluctuation of raw materials are crucial to the company's performance

according to the data of the National Bureau of statistics, Panzhihua, Sichuan Province is the largest producer of titanium concentrate in China, which can clear the obstacles for the wide use of composite materials in the automotive field, accounting for 46% of the total output of the country, followed by Yunnan, accounting for 32% of the total. Sichuan longmang Titanium Industry Co., Ltd., located in Sichuan, controls rich titanium resources and has location and transportation advantages

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