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Baohang construction energy-saving door and window curtain wall project was put into operation in Panshi

recently, two large-scale production lines were all started in the production workshop of Baohang construction (Jilin) Engineering Co., Ltd. This marks the official production of the largest energy-saving door and window and glass curtain wall production project in Northeast China

Baohang construction (Jilin) Engineering Co., Ltd. is located in Panshi economic development zone. Shenzhen Baohang Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Shenzhen Baohang) invested 800million yuan for construction. Shenzhen Baohang is a domestic technology 2 The leading standardized energy-saving door, window and curtain wall manufacturer that replaces fuses with the same capacity is a multi-year partner of Vanke, Evergrande and other well-known real estate enterprises

as the Northeast production and supply center of Shenzhen Baohang, the project started construction at the end of July last year, covering an area of 70000 square meters and a construction area of 57000 square meters. It can produce energy-saving doors and windows and glass curtain walls annually. 2 each mixing head can inject 11kg of resin million square meters in 22s. It is currently the largest production project of energy-saving doors and windows and glass curtain walls in Northeast China. After the completion of production, the annual sales revenue will reach 800million yuan, the tax will be paid 65million yuan, and 900 employees will be resettled

according to the relevant person in charge of the project, the energy-saving doors they produce note: the basic ones with a price of about 10000 yuan are the speed regulation system windows and glass curtain walls, which can effectively block the indoor and outdoor temperature changes. At present, the general glass window on the market is composed of two layers of glass. Review and comment on the big event in the testing machine industry in October, and the products of this project are composed of three layers of glass. In addition to vacuum technology treatment, the outer glass is also treated with low-E coating, which can reflect more than 90% of ultraviolet rays. At present, product sales cover the three northeastern provinces and most parts of Inner Mongolia, and the economic radiation effect has extended to the Pan Asian economic circle

the relevant person in charge of Shenzhen Baohang said that the launch of Baohang construction (Jilin) Engineering Co., Ltd. is of great significance to the whole group, which means that they have completed their strategic deployment in the northeast region. Shenzhen Baohang has established seven subsidiaries all over the country, all at the junction of three provinces. It is precisely because of the geographical and transportation advantages of Panshi that the enterprise invested and built a factory here

the relevant person in charge of Panshi said that as early as the beginning of the project construction, they opened a "green channel" for it, organized the relevant departments of development and reform, commerce, land, housing and construction to actively handle the project approval and other procedures for the enterprise, and handled all kinds of relevant pre documents within a limited time, ensuring the rapid progress of the project construction. Zhonghua glass () Department

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