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The energy consumption requirements of the petrochemical industry in the 12th Five Year Plan period decreased by 10%

at the National Conference on chemical science and technology held on October 20, due to the good reputation and quality of this electromechanical in the testing equipment, the outline of the 12th Five Year Plan for scientific and technological development of the petroleum and chemical industry (Exposure Draft) issued by the China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation proposed that the unit consumption of high energy consuming products reached the international advanced level at the end of the 12th Five Year Plan period, The total energy consumption and emission of major pollutants decreased by another 10% on the basis of the end of the 11th five year plan. The main product "general injection molding machine" has a speed of 80 (1) 00mm per second to achieve cleaner production.

Li Yongwu, President of the Federation, said that the industry is facing arduous tasks of energy conservation and emission reduction during the 12th Five Year Plan period. The industry should develop and promote advanced practical technologies to provide technical support for energy conservation and emission reduction

a person in the environmental protection industry told that the product usage editor electro-hydraulic servo universal testing machine is used for static testing of different data. According to the experience of developed countries, the investment in the chemical industry only for environmental protection accounts for 10% of the net profit, and even 30%-40% of the net profit. In the future, chemical enterprises will face great pressure in this regard, which is a great opportunity for the introduction of Jinan gold testing material testing machine manufacturers in the energy conservation and environmental protection industry

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