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The energy efficiency standard for microwave ovens was issued in December

recently, the management center of China Institute of standardization issued new regulations on the energy efficiency standard for microwave ovens, which will be officially implemented on December 1 this year. At that time, microwave ovens entering China must meet the energy efficiency requirements of level 5 or above before they can be sold in stores. It is reported that the microwave ovens sold on the market at present can not meet this requirement. Therefore, the introduction of this regulation has also triggered a "price war" of microwave ovens in advance

yesterday, I visited several major home appliances stores in Keqiao city and found that the "price war" of microwave ovens has quietly started. In Keqiao Suning and Gome electric appliance stores, Midea, Galanz and other brands of microwave ovens are reducing prices and promoting sales, and fresh alumina is used as insulating material. The prices of some models of microwave ovens are yuan lower than the original price

in Wal Mart supermarket, you can see the microwave oven promotion booth in the home appliance sales area, which has improved the safety at the same time. In addition to the large price drop, some brands of microwave ovens also have gift giving activities. A salesperson told that the main reason for the price reduction is that models below the standard will be delisted. Before the formal implementation of the energy efficiency standards, microwave oven manufacturers will "digest" inventory by reducing prices. According to the supermarket microwave oven salesperson, although the prices of some microwave ovens have loosened in recent days, some manufacturers revealed that many products will start to reduce prices on a large scale only in October and November

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