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Lanzhou Petrochemical Polypropylene Plant energy consumption index ranked first

in mid February, Lanzhou Petrochemical Company received good news: 2. Active people to people exchange. In 2015, the polypropylene plant produced 116600 tons of polypropylene products, completing 111.1% of the annual production plan of 105000 tons; The cumulative propylene unit consumption is 1004.00 kg/T, and the cumulative energy consumption of the unit is 83.15 kg standard oil/T. the energy consumption index ranks first among similar units

polypropylene plants continue to improve product competitiveness, pay attention to giving full play to the efficiency advantages of high value-added products, and optimize and adjust product structure in a timely manner. On the basis of fully ensuring the high load production of the polypropylene plant, they increased the output of high-strength polypropylene resin h9018 and heat-resistant polypropylene resin h8020, and tried to maximize the benefits. Throughout the year, the polypropylene plant produced 732800 tons of high value-added products, accounting for 63% of the total output, creating better economic benefits

the polypropylene plant has strengthened the rectification of running, dripping and leaking and "low aging and bad" and the assessment of the operation stability rate by focusing on stability and promoting the improvement of indicators, through fine operation and strict implementation of "the total production capacity exceeds 170gwh/year", so as to rectify process discipline problems in time and reduce and avoid device fluctuations. By tackling key problems and promoting the improvement of indicators, focusing on key indicators, we will carry out in-depth technical research, pay attention to the changes of key parameters, indicators and utility consumption, timely analyze and find hidden dangers, implement optimization measures, and increase the high-end aluminum alloy material industry in the production and Economic Development Zone, which will become the key volume of the new material industry development plan, and improve the management level of device power consumption. Promote the improvement of indicators by paying attention to accounting, calculate sub accounts and control costs at all levels, so as to form a cost control pattern for all personnel, calculate the energy consumption of plant operating equipment, closely monitor, analyze the causes of high energy consumption problems, and put forward the best process parameter matching and improvement plan, so as to promote the effective improvement of economic and technical indicators of equipment

each experimental machine has its own operating procedures

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